Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Digg and

Here are a couple excellent sites for bloggers and surfers. First, allows users to sumbit and vote for articles. This increases viewership of these articles, and allows one to find others with similar interests. Second is This site has created a unique way of bookmarking that not only allows you to share your bookmarks and favorite articles, but it has unique ways of adding releveant materials to ones own blog through the use of widgets. Again, like digg, this allows a blogger to reach a new audience and find others with similar interests. If McCain bloggers take advantage of these tools it can help increase exposure to ones own site as well bring more attention to pro-McCain articles and groups.

There is easy registration at both sites just click on the following links...

More deatiled 'how to' articles to come.

Thanks to for the heads up and overview of digg and

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