Thursday, April 24, 2008

Increase in McCain Blogs and Websites

While the McCain online presence has lagged behind the Democrats, there has been a recent increase in supporter run pages. A key element of connecting and promoting the average McCain blogger or site owner has been the McCain Victory 08 Blog Roll. This lists many of the active pro-McCain sites on the web. Some of these sites are strictly dedicated to supporting Senator McCain for President, while others focus on other topics yet also are signed on as McCain supporters. For example this post was originally published at Broad Side of the Barn, a site with a broad focus yet often used to host McCain related pages like the McCain Traffic page. An affiliate of that site is Purple People Vote, a site for Independents and Moderates that is focused on the presidential race. Yet recently there has been the addition of sites like McCain Google Groups, which focuses on state based volunteering and resouces. A couple new and promising social network sites have emerged, McCain Now and John McCain 2008. These site include a variety of features such as individual blogs, and topic discussions. They add a new wrinkle to McCain SocNets; though MySpace and Facebook still have active McCain groups too. A couple of the major McCain contributor based blogs include Blogs 4 McCain and Blogs for McCain Victory. There is always a need to increase the reach of the McCain online presence. For those who would like to become bloggers, or would like blogging tips there is McCain Blogger Resources. It includes a simple how to article for McCain supporters to set up there own blog. As more sites go online an join the growing McCain blogger/online volunteer community the message and reach of the McCain campaign is given a better opportunity to grow. Bloggers, site owners, network managers all welcome newcomers and hope you will consider volunteering online and off.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome MV08 Bloggers and Bloggers To Be

Welcome MV08 Bloggers and Bloggers To Be. The McCain Blogger Resource Site has been set up to provide you with easy to use tools and widgets for your sites. Also we feature a number of 'how to articles', and suggestions for promoting and running your blog. If you are new to blogging or the internet don't be discouraged, blogs were created to be used by people who have little to no technical experience. You can view our article, 'How to Create A Pro-McCain Blog', or your blog can be set up for you by contacting Michael Shuyler at We hope everyone will consider joining our MV08 blog roll. It helps bring traffic to your site, allows you to network with other pro-McCain bloggers, and provides periodic email updates on relevant blogger issues (if so desired). Please don't hesitate to leave comments and/or questions as we want help in any way we can.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Join the McCain Bulletin Network

The McCain Bulletin Network has been created to quickly broadcast breaking McCain news or action items. Bloggers only have to include the word "Bulletin" in the title of their post and their article will be displayed in the 'McCain Bulletin Network'. Simply post your blog or feed in the comment section of this site (or email me) to be added to the network. If you'd like to post bulletins, but either don't have a blog or don't want to post them to your blog that can be arranged; just leave a comment or send me an email.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Late Comer to Facebook and Social Networking

I've come to Facebook and social networking kicking and screaming. The idea of telling a bunch of people I don't know about myself, and what I'm doing every minute of the day has held no appeal for me. However, I'm starting to understand the draw, and the utility for a blogger and site owner. You are able to connect with others better and convey information in a more fun and appealing way than is often available through blogs. Finding people with like interests is not only a way to promote yourself, but it's also a way to learn from others. As for the privacy element, you choose to share what you want with whom you want. While I am far from being able to give any sort of expert advice, I can say it is worth a try for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.