Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome MV08 Bloggers and Bloggers To Be

Welcome MV08 Bloggers and Bloggers To Be. The McCain Blogger Resource Site has been set up to provide you with easy to use tools and widgets for your sites. Also we feature a number of 'how to articles', and suggestions for promoting and running your blog. If you are new to blogging or the internet don't be discouraged, blogs were created to be used by people who have little to no technical experience. You can view our article, 'How to Create A Pro-McCain Blog', or your blog can be set up for you by contacting Michael Shuyler at We hope everyone will consider joining our MV08 blog roll. It helps bring traffic to your site, allows you to network with other pro-McCain bloggers, and provides periodic email updates on relevant blogger issues (if so desired). Please don't hesitate to leave comments and/or questions as we want help in any way we can.

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