Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogger Tip

Post Frequently! It can be brief. It can feature a quote, or exerpt from someone else (make sure you give them credit and a link), YouTube can help in a pinch, or it can simply be a brief update. As a blogger that prefers to wait to post until I have something intelligent to say, I've found out that can make for long waits between posts and that doesn't help increase traffic. Try posting articles daily for a 3 weeks and see if traffic increases, if it doesn't then you can go back to a casual poster.

Useful McCain Links...
Mad Irishman Conservative Consortium
Blogs for Victory
McCain Blogger Resources
John McCain 2008 Network
Vets for McCain
McCain Google Groups
Blogs 4 McCain

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Brad Marston said...

mv08 isn't a useful link?