Sunday, June 29, 2008

McCain’s Growing Net Roots and Donations

The network of McCain supporter sites is going through a growth spurt, right, left, and center. On July 1st, the anniversary of John McCain’s promotion to Commander of Attack Squadron 174 in 1976, the founders of John McCain 2008 Social Network and McCain Now are launching They have worked tirelessly to launch a site that focuses on supporting Senator McCain and local Republicans across the country. They are looking to raise money for a series of candidates in important races.

On the other side of the spectrum, let me welcome Clinton supporters who now support Senator McCain to the club. The establishment and networking of Clinton supporters not willing to support Senator Obama, has been impressive to say the least. Over 125 sites and blogs have emerged within a few weeks. A list of all (or most) is available at Just Say No Deal. Here are a few that have already established a significant following. Clintons 4 McCain, Savage Politics, Puma Party (which includes the Puma Party forum), Done Dems, Hillary Clinton Forum, and Dems 4 McCain. Certainly, not all who have decided not to vote Obama have committed to voting McCain. However, there is mounting evidence that many Clinton supporters will vote McCain.

Some Hillary supporters have even decided to donate to Senator McCain’s campaign on July 4th. As a show of support, many long time McCain supporters have also agreed to contribute on that day. The request is that Hillary supporters make donations in amounts like $5.44, $25.44, or $125.44 and others donate in whole dollar amounts so Clinton supporters can be differentiated and counted.

Other new Pro-McCain sites include...
Battleground States ‘08 is a contributor based blog giving a state to state perspective on the presidential race.
Local Republicans similarly is a contributor based blog focused on down ticket candidates and state and local Republican candidates.
Grand Old Partisan is an excellent site for those interested in history. It remembers that the GOP is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.
Jews for McCain
Conservative Mom in a Liberal World
Its All Dicta
McCain Brigade
McCain Independent
McCain Supporters
Local Republicans
Obama Independent or McCain Independent?
Red Arizona
Right Score
Stop Obama Vote McCain
Democrats and Independents for McCain Social Network


a NObama Blogspot contributor said...
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a NObama WordPress Blog contributor said...

Hi there...and thanks on behalf of all PUMAs for the shout out. Although I have been a registered Independent for most of my voting years, I stand with the PUMAs against Barack Obama.

McCain '08!!

Please visit my blog if you get a chance:

a NObama WordPress Blog contributor said...

Oops, blog address disappeared...

Let me try again:
NObama - Not Now, Not Ever

SmartAssProducts said...

Yes indeed, MANY of us Clinton supporters are planning to vote for McCain [if it's him against Obama in the GE]. I, for one, will NEVER vote for Obama...there's just no way. I will not support an anti-American racist under any circumstances. As one of our web site's most popular designs says, Vote for the American hero, not the anti-American zero.

Stop Obama Express said...

ALL ABOARD! The Stop Obama Express, Great anti-Obama fun, videos, pictures, quotes and more Check us out on line at

Adrian said...

Philip J. Berg, Esq. Files Federal Lawsuit Requesting Obama Be Removed as a Candidate as he does not meet the Qualifications for President.

boris said...

If McCain becomes president, and he will, because Bush needs someone like him to continue what ever mess he is got us in to or at least cover his tracks, we are going to have a World War 3. Remember my words.

Also Israeli lobbyist (Zionists) might be to blame for world trade center. What a great reason to push America to defend it self against presumable enemy (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine) and to help Israel win their long fought war with Arabs.

ben laden my foot.... great story though..

and American people are not stupid.. maybe ignorant a little they are like working bees. Working all day... and at the end of the day all they want is a little time with their family... a beer maybe... and don't see that Bush and his administration are ruining their own country.. and McCain is just another apple from the same tree.

Maybe this mortgage crisis and the budget deficit which will soon affect every single person in america. When Clinton was president this country had proficit in budget.What did you think? People just suddenly stopped paying for their houses?

Nope... Bush did it. If I was any in the same room with Bush, I would just kick his ass for making his dad and brother fake the second elections, which is what they are going to do to help McCain.

And the media ? lol I am not going to go there.

I am done here.. Now let's see what happens.