Sunday, April 26, 2009

Search Strategy and Self Promotion

This post is a combination of helpful search strategy combine with a bit of blatant self promotion. I've been promoting my book by increasing my sites/links visibility. One of the main ways of raising ones position in the search engines is by increasing links to ones blogs/sites. Similarly if there is news online that one believes important providing links to that news page is the best way for that article to receive traffic, both from direct sources, and through search engines.

One of the things that has become clear, is that last election McCain got crushed in terms of linking and search. Conservatives are now doing well in Twitter, but if there isn't more linking and more use of apps that help increase links, next election cycle conservatives will again be at a disadvantage. Search is critical to anyone who wants to win people over on a topic, and anyone who wants to win over undecideds.

The following is a list of my pages on several of these (for a lack of a better word) 'link enhancing' sites. This is sort of a mix of infomation and personal promotion. I'm definitely looking to network more and have the articles on the listed pages promoted/voted on, but I also think it would be very helpful for bloggers, or any active web user, to sign up for these sites.

I'd suggest people add a page to their blogs like this one - On the Web that lets others find their pages. Almost all have a 'share' element and it is good for people to connect with each other within these online communities. Some are probably a given, but some may be to new to many..

kmorrison - Twitter

kmorrison - Digg

Kmorrison - Reddit

kmorrison - MySpace

kmorrison55 - delicious

kmorrison - Friend Feed

kmorrison - Mister Wong

kmorrison - Mixx

kmorrison - BlinkList

kmorrison - BlogCatalog

kmorrison - Yahoo Buzz Up

kmorrison - Faves

kmorrison55 - Stumble Upon

kmorrison33 - Propeller

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