Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simple Twitter Tips/Tools for Beginners

These tips are written by someone who was at first reluctant to use twitter. From my view if you were someone intersted in tweets about my need to go to the post office, then I probably didn't want you following me anyway. Yet what I was missing was how useful a tool and resource twitter can be. First following people with like interests creates a stream of tweets that often contains useful info. Twitter also provides a quick and easy way to get your own info out people with like interests. If you have 'followers' and are 'following' others simply asking a question or mentionaing a task can result in someone responding to that tweet with helpful information. Hash tags, words preceded by the # sign, provide an easy way to follow particular topics, and are used by some for a more advanced twitter applications.

So the first step is to build a following with people of like interests. This is easiest if you're interested in tech topics as you are certainly not alone, yet it can be done can be done for most any topic. Monitter allows you to type in three keyword and follow tweets in real time. Tweets of interest can lead you to a person's profile page where you can choose to follow that person if so interested. Probably the simplest way to find others with similar interests is to use Twitter search as it is better at finding people by topics than the 'find people' page. Also, there are plenty of lists online of people using twitter. These lists can be found easily via standard search engine. Some lists focus on a topic, others tell you who is likely to 'follow you back.' These lists are numerous and helpful in creaing a relevant following. A quick look at twitter vocabulary will also help newbies get up to speed. Finally, be useful, be relevant, be polite, and you may end up liking twitter more than you ever thought possible.

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