Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adsense for McCain Bloggers

Adsense is a simple advertising service for publishers that allows sites to host ads, and get paid when viewers click on them. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but Adsense can help defray hosting or other incidental costs. This is most effective for sites that have consistent traffic and are well networked, as there is a minimum payout level. These ads can be formatted to be as subtle or as loud as desired. There is a row of ads below this post and a box of ads on the right side menu about half way down. Google gives a number of format and style options. While clicking on ones own ads isn't kosher, clicking on the ads of a freind's site or another site is sort like giving the site/host a tip. If you use then you already have a Google account and setting up an Adsense account is a fairly simple step that allows you to integrated ads right into your posts. For Word Press and other bloggers Adsense is also available. Creating an account though at Adsense is a fairly simple process that they lead you through.

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Eric said...

Just remember to exclude obama, dnc, moveon ads from your site by using AdSense's site exclusion tool.