Friday, May 23, 2008

Be Nice to Clinton Supporters

First off, my apologies to most of you who don't need a manners lesson. However, there is an odd dynamic that is particularly apparent online of Obama supporters being excedingly nasty to Clinton supporter. Obviously primaries create tension between candidates and supporters, yet the Obama/Clinton competition is making the McCain/Romney competition look like a tea party. Many Obama bloggers in particular have made exceeding nasty and crass about Clinton and her supporters creating a resentment that may or may not heal before the general election. McCain and McCain supporters have the potential to win over some votes simply based on decency and respect. Senator McCain's bipartisan work in the Senate and his long held stance against dirty campaigning, (such as being the only Republican to condemn the Swift Boat attacks against Senator Kerry) give him an opportunity with moderates, independents, and former Clinton supports. Certainly, I'm not suggesting that conservatives should suddenly become more liberal, simply be aware who is out in cyberspace.

*One comment I've seen on several blogs is that the implication by the media that Clinton supporters are uneducated or low-class is wearing very thin for many Clinton supporters.

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AlabamaBlogger said...

I 100% agree, there is a real opening for McCain. One thing they have in common is experience and that I believe was a portion of Clinton's appeal.