Sunday, May 18, 2008

Focus on a Target Group

Targetting a specific audience is often suggested when marketting a website or blog. This holds true for political blogs as well. If there is particular group that you belong to or viewpoint that you take, make it part of your blog. Whether it is a focus on your particular state, it is the viewpoint of a veteran, or a mother, or an independent voter that brings that unique quality to your site, it allows others in that group to relate to you better. Starting a social networking group and linking to it from your site can be a good way to create an additional feature for your readers. Facebook, MySpace, McCainNow, and John McCain 2008 all allow for users to start their own groups.

For some it may make sense to start a sister blog that focusses more specifically on that group that you belong to. Material can be shared between the two blogs or be targetted to the two different audiences. Campaigns similarly target voters in this way seeking to win 'the women's vote', 'the conservative vote', or 'the hispanic vote'. Bloggers focussing on these groups can help extend the reach of the campaign to these target key demographics.

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