Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog Entry Titles

The title of your blog posts can be an important factor in whether people find you through search engines. Remember to include search engine keywords in the titles of your posts. Whether your post dicusses health care, the economy, or foreign policy, posting with a short descriptive title can bring traffic your way. There is plenty of competition for keywords and search engine traffic so if your title is both unique and descriptive your chances at winning visitors increases. Think about what people may be looking for both now and in the future. For example, if you establish a link that targets the Novemer elections today that may bring you more traffic as November approaches than it will today, but it is still valuable traffic coming to your site.


AlabamaBlogger said... I cant figure out exactly how to get it on blogrolls, it is a decent site and it is not to negative on Obama it just takes a look at his canidacy and why it is premature.

kmorrison said...

I'll forward that on to Michael 'the keeper of the blog roll'. Sorry for the slow reply

kmorrison said...

Alabama Blogger - Michael didn't have a way to contact you, but you can contact him at and he'll set you up with the blog roll.